“Mother Shipton had spilled drink on his copy…”

That quote of course refers to the line from the Amazon series “Good Omens”, which is of course based on the book of the same name by Pratchett and Gaiman. I used the quote as it fit the photo from today’s oracle pull. This one is from the ROAR Oracle deck by MJ Cullinane and my latest acquisition to my tarot and oracle collection. It’s taken some time to get back into a daily groove of pulling cards for myself. But I’ve finally managed to sit down a do it. Sure sometimes that means once the day is half over. Hey, better late than never right? Right!

More often than not I do manage to pull my tarot or oracle cards first thing in the morning. It’s become a sort of ritual if you will. I start the coffee, pop a bagel or bread in the toaster oven and start shuffling. If I’ve timed everything correctly I’ll have my cards pulled before the coffee brews or the bread toasts. Today I did all the food and drink things first as one of my children was up to greet the dawn with me (lucky me). So while I was getting her breakfast sorted I sorted my own then got down to shuffling. Mind you I still haven’t pulled my tarot cards for today, but it’ll happen before more of the day runs away from me.

Some might say I just have an order to doing things. Which might be true. However, as I’m stirring the creamer into my coffee I’m also setting my intentions for the day. While buttering my bagel I’m considering the murder of crows that enjoy meeting/resting in my yard and why their visit might signify in my day (it’s also a reminder to fill the feeder for all our outdoors friends and maybe toss some apple, banana, or nuts out for them). You see even the most mundane task can be made into a ritual…I think.

As for Mother Shipton (aka Ursula Southell), she was said to be a soothsayer and prophetess. So when turns up in a reading it’s best to trust your intuition when it relates to the question asked…as it’s usually correct. In this case I truly hope my intuition is WRONG about my question this morning. If it isn’t we’ll deal with it. But Mother Shipton and I may be having words later!

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